Swedish Fungi    by Irene Andersson
Photos: Irene Andersson, Ingemar Andersson, S÷ren GutÚn och Anders Janols

                   Last update: 2009-01-06

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Here you'll find photos of mushrooms we have found on excursions all over Sweden. There are so many beautiful photo collections on the web, and it's a great idea to have them all available there. This is our contribution to that big, and hopefully still growing, web gallery.
Maybe some of the identifications are wrong or doubtful - we look forward to comments and will try to answer questions about the photos and species.
To save space and time to download, there is a rather low resolution on the web images, on average about 70 kb. Feel free to use them, but if you do, please send me an e-mail.
Where you use it, you will of course tell where you found it.
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